Community Chess

Young children will only succeed in chess with parental support, so, in order to help children from non-chess backgrounds we should run family chess clubs within the community.

Where can we run these clubs?

  • In schools
  • In libraries
  • In community centres
  • In youth clubs
  • Within existing chess clubs

When can we run these clubs?

  • After school/early evening
  • Weekends
  • Courses in school holidays

We can run two types of chess club for children (for further information visit

  1. Minichess clubs for children of primary school age and their families using materials from the Minichess Activities Pack.
  2. Chess clubs for older children (parents also very welcome) or younger children who can already play a proficient game.

We should also promote more chess in the community. We could provide facilities for playing chess:

  • In libraries
  • In parks
  • In shopping centres
  • In community centres
  • In care homes
  • In hospitals
  • In prisons
  • In detention centres