I have a lot of free material to help anyone wanting to run a successful social chess club for children.

Minichess Download Pack
Activities for Spectrum Minichess Clubs.

Chess Heroes Beginners’ Guide
Make sure you know ALL the rules before you start!

Junior Chess Heroes
A worksheet based book for younger children learning at home.

Journey Through Chess
A worksheet/activity book for parents and teachers of children aged about 7-8.

Chess for Heroes
A beginners’ book for older learners explaining what’s really happening in a game of chess.

The Chess Heroes Books

A unique series of books for players who know the basics and would like to play competitively. Click on a title to download.

Checkmates for Heroes
Chess Tactics for Heroes
Chess Openings for Heroes
Chess Endings for Heroes
Chess Puzzles for Heroes

Coming later in 2022: Chess Games for Heroes.

Simple Opening Guides

Back in the 1990s we introduced Richmond Junior Chess Club members to a wide range of openings through our series of simple opening guides. Now revised and updated, they’re available for download as a combined volume here.

Chess Stationery

We provide the stationery you need to run a successful chess club.

Scoresheets: to enable your members to record their games.

Tournament Pairing Charts: to enable you to run informal tournaments.

Pairing Cards: to enable you to run tournaments using the Swiss System.

Chess Board and Pieces: if you don’t have sets you can make your own.